Hamza VFX | Video Background Download 2023

Hamza VFX | Video Background Download 2023

On our website, you will find the latest trending CapCut templates, green screen backgrounds, and amazing backgrounds. We exclusively offer CapCut templates, backgrounds, and green screens. If you would like to watch tutorial videos, please visit my TikTok account at hamza_vfx.

About Hamza VFX

Welcome to my official website, My name is Hamza Zohaib, and I am a blogger and content creator. You may know me as hamzaVFX, as I have gone viral on TikTok under that name. Currently, I have 800K followers on TikTok and 23K followers on Instagram.

My blogging journey began after I graduated from university, where I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in SEO and Blogging.

Hamza VFX as a Content Creator

Hamza VFX is a content creator that provides quality content about editing and video backgrounds. It also provides content about CapCut templates. He provides editing video tutorials and has garnered millions of views on his website. Hamza VFX works as a content creator on different short video platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram Reels.

How to Download Backgrounds by Hamza VFX

Downloading video backgrounds from the Hamza VFX website is very easy. Just visit, find your favorite background, and click on it. Then, press the download button, and your download will start. Now you can use this video background in your own video.

Hamza VFX Free Backgrounds 2023

Hamza VFX provides different backgrounds that you can use in your videos. He also offers backgrounds that are trending on TikTok. When a background is trending on TikTok, people search for backgrounds. Here on this website, I provide trending backgrounds that you can easily download. Not only backgrounds, but you can also find trending CapCut templates here easily.

Below, I have listed some of the best backgrounds by Hamza VFX.

Top 6 Viral Backgrounds by Hamza VFX

There are various video backgrounds available on this website provided by Hamza VFX, but some backgrounds are special and famous on TikTok. Below, I have listed the top 6 viral backgrounds by Hamza VFX. You can check and download these backgrounds from below and use them in your videos.

  1. Rainy Background by Hamza VFX
  2. Moon Night Background by Hamza VFX
  3. Car Blast Background by Hamza VFX
  4. Blast Background HD by Hamza VFX
  5. Jungle Moon Night Scene Background by Hamza VFX
  6. Lava Explosion Background by Hamza VFX

These are some viral backgrounds by Hamza VFX. If you want to download any of these backgrounds, just click the download button below.

Rainy background by hamza vfx
moon background hamza vfx
hamza vfx background
New background hamza vfx
Background by hamza vfx


Hamza VFX is a website that provides amazing video backgrounds and trending CapCut templates. If you want new and amazing backgrounds for video editing, make sure to visit daily. Hamza VFX aims to provide the best content that is helpful to you.

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